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Soil Health Resources

Soil is a living and life-giving natural resource.

As world population and food production demands rise, keeping our soil healthy and productive is of paramount importance. By farming using soil health principles and systems that include no-till, cover cropping and diverse rotations, more and more farmers are actually increasing their soil’s organic matter and improving microbial activity. As a result, farmers are sequestering more carbon, increasing water infiltration, improving wildlife and pollinator habitat—all while harvesting better profits and often better yields.

The resources on this soil health section of our site are designed to help visitors understand the basics and benefits of soil health—and to learn about Soil Health Management Systems from farmers who are using those systems.

Dig a Little, Learn a Lot

Basics and Benefits

Discover the Cover

Do Not Disturb

Healthy Soils Are Full of Life

Healthy Soils Are High in Organic Matter

Principles of High Functioning Soils

Soil Health Key Points

Five Questions for Non-Operating Landowners

Healthy, Productive Soils Checklist

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