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Why Women

A large portion of women landowners are over the age of 65, and an increasing number are single owners, who may not have been involved in farm management decisions or operations in the past. Some are returning to the farm and others are beginning farmers with little or no farming experience. The number of women who operate farms has also increased on farms of all sizes. 

According to American Farmland Trust about 240 million acres of farmland are expected to change owners in the next two decades as aging farmers retire or leave their land to the next generation. One report predicts that women may own 75 percent of this transferred farmland.

Women4theLand uses learning circles to provide information in a comfortable, informal setting where a small group of women learn from professional conservationists as well as from each other. We believe that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to share. 

Conservation learning circles are designed to build knowledge and confidence. You are encouraged to share your experiences, concerns and goals about your farmland and conservation needs. 

Women4theLand brings a network of resources and information to help you achieve your goals and to know what is possible.

We know through our work that:

  • You have a strong connection to the land.
  • You are eager to learn about caring for and improving your land.
  • You are deeply committed to healthy land and want it farmed in the most productive and sustainable manner possible.
  • You care about the environment and know your decisions can impact the quality of life for your community.
  • You care about the future of your land and the next generation of farmers.
  • You value learning from and networking with other women.
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