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"Every woman that is in our small group all value and treasure their farm. It is very important to them. They want to know how they can care about it for future generations. They want it to be its best. They want to know they can ask questions and not sound silly."

Dena, Rushville Indiana

Women Landowner Profiles

Dena, Rushville IN

Dena Vittorio can still hear her father’s voice echoing through the barn walls and into her childhood home in rural Rushville, Indiana ‘Can somebody come down here and help me?’ “It would always be me,” Vittorio said laughingly. “It gave me a close relationship with my father...

Katelyn, Orleans IN

Twenty-six-year-old Katelyn Wilson Gardner strong, confident, and always willing to try something new. Katelyn grew up in Orleans, Indiana, a small southern Indiana community rich in farming. "I guess we just take for granted how awesome it is out here...

Sara, North Salem IN 

Forty-three acres of corn and soybean fields in North Salem, Indiana is now a diverse oasis for insects, animals, and plants. The transition for the land has helped one Air Force veteran find her calling in life. "My message on the farm is it is about hope and healing...

Don't knock it until you have tried it.  You never know who you are going to meet, that you might end up doing business with.  You might meet someone who has something you need, or you might need something someone else has.  You might form that relationship there.

Katelyn - Cattle Operator

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